Summer School FAQ

When are the classes?

Classes are 3.30 pm to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Where are the classes and what’s the best way to get there?

We are located in Gasholder Park, King’s cross, The best way to get to us by Tube , exiting at the Regent’s Canal exit, cross the bridge leading toward Central Saint Martins and take the grassy green steps down to the canal path which will take you round to Gasholder Park. SEE MAP BELOW

Is it safe?

With proper equipment, training and supervision, Circus is as safe as any other recreational sport or rigorous physical activity you may engage in.

It looks hard... do you have to be strong?

Circus is hard and really really fun..Give it time and you'll develop strength and flexibility and never knew you had and learn to do awesome things!

What should I wear?

Try to avoid loose fitting clothing. Cover your midriff. Jewellery and watches need to be taken off and long hair should be tied back to avoid getting tangled. You can have bare feet or trainers / gym shoes.

How many people are in a class?

The class sizes vary but whatever the class size, we maintain a strict ratio of students to teachers. We always make sure there are sufficient teachers to give everyone the attention and guidance they need and that there is ample equipment to go round.

Can people sit in and watch?

For the comfort of our students, unless you are taking part in a class we request that you do not sit and watch classes.

Do you have classes for different levels of ability?

Summer School is suitable for people of all levels of ability.

Where do I put my belongings? There are box cubbyhole shelves in T1 (Our circus studio next to Gasholder Park), you can store your belongings in them while in class. Circumference can not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.


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